Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Vacation Excitement Fail!

I kid you not, until about 2 minutes ago, I thought at this time next week, I would be on a plane LaGuardia bound. It's been a light at the end of the tunnel for me, a tunnel which has now just grown in length by 7 days!! Drat. It's like the opposite of waking up on a weekend morning thinking that you have to get up and get ready to go to work, only to realize that no! you can lay back down and sleeeeep! First world problems, I tell you.

This week is a rare occurrence for me since I my hours were reduced from 40 to 32: I am working all five days this week! We've actually got some legal stuff going on. I was so excited about this. Not only do I have something interesting to do other than figuring out how to remove people from the Company's insurance, but I will also get a higher paycheck! But boy, I did not realize how well-accustomed I had gotten to getting a mid-week break. I usually take my reduced-hours day to coincide with B's weekday off (He almost always works Saturdays, so they give him a weekday off), so it's usually a tuesday, wednesday or thursday. It's now thursday, and I am actually exhausted from my lack of a sitting around day. And, we have no groceries, the house is a mess, and I'm still fishing clean clothes to wear out of the dryer because I have had no time to sit down and fold it. Hmm, I guess I don't really sit around on that day after all, considering the current state of our chores. First world problems, I tell you.

My usually slow Fridays will also be replaced tomorrow by a meeting with our outside counsel who handles the litigation. I usually look forward to these; my brain feels like its exercising, reminding me that yes! you are a lawyer! you remember legal things!

So, my light at the end of the tunnel is T-14 days until my big summer vacation. Mia and I head to Connecticut for a college-roommate reunion; a couple of days with my Aunt and cousins in New Jersey, another flight for 5 days in Chicago to meet B and attend his cousin's wedding.

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