Friday, June 1, 2012

Extended Memorial Day

Once in a blue moon, B gets two days off in a row. He works almost every saturday and gets a week day off, since the Bank is open for shortened hours.  This weekend, it was more of an eclipse in our house, because B got Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. Three in a row! I switched my reduction of hours day to Tuesday and, presto! Extended Memorial Day Weekend.

We toyed with the idea of going away for Monday night, thinking that hotel/inn/bed and breakfast rates would be nice and low since most people would be returning to work on Tuesday, but couldn't agree on a location. We had to be in town on Sunday, since that was the day of Mia's birthday pool party at my boss's house. We considered Mount Charleston or San Diego, or even just a night at one of the Strip hotels with a nice pool.

The party was great, we spent the entire day by the pool in beautiful 85 degree and sunny weather and enjoyed the company of only a few guests (a lot of people went out of town, so it turned out to be very low-stress). The few kids (and B) that came enjoyed the heck out of the $5 I spent at the dollar store on inflatable pool toys and water guns, the adults (mostly me) enjoyed the pre-made margaritas from Costco. Next year, we hope to reduce the stress by infinity by hosting at our own (rented) house so that we don't have to transport loads of food and decorations.

Mia and B were both slightly sunburned, so we crossed San Diego and the Hotel Pool off the list for Monday, and then all together decided to save our Mount Charleston visit when the weather in Vegas got too hot to bear (Mount Charleston is about an hour from Vegas and is 10 degrees cooler at all times). Instead, we took another step in embracing our status as Vegas residents and became members of the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. The membership price pays for itself if we visit three times in one year, so we figured it would be worth it.

There are short hiking trails, bike rentals and baths, desert gardens, a playground, a little museum, a little animal show, and another little museum whose theme I am blanking on opening in a few months. Available also for members are grilling classes, gardening classes (not applicable until we move in the winter), a farmer's market every Thursday and a few other things. Mia enjoyed toddling around the little exhibits, and even walked around the gardens on her own with Mama trailing closely behind. I'm excited about taking advantage of the few non-gambling things this little city has to offer. I get to bring a guest for free, and all children under 5 are included. (Juliet, I'm looking at you!)

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