Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Crafting Bug

I have found a new craft I want to start making! This is big news because I love using my hands, but I'm not an artist nor great at all things naturally like our Frenchie, so while I like the look of many crafts, I rarely come across one I feel confident I could make and make well. And I found this and just fell in love.

What's even better is that I have not seen anyone sell them at the craft fairs in Vegas. So seeing it's not already out in the local fair and bazaar scene, I'd have a corner on the market of these. For once, I'd be doing something original! Woohoo! Usually I just follow the trends. (Okay, I got the idea from Pinterest, so not completely original, but something new to Vegas and the small community of dedicated crafters here.)

Anyway, my adrenaline is pumping. Hence the blog post at 3:30am!

Only issue-- can any crafters out there-- Frenchie I'm looking right at you, lol, but also any of our readers-- look at the pictures I've included and tell me: How would you attach the ribbon used for hanging? The "trays" are noted in the very basic description as being "fake silver" from the dollar store, so I am assuming that could mean either plastic or tin. I'm also seriously considering thrift store and garage sale shopping for better metal trays (though probably not real silver; depends on what bargains I can find). How would you attach ribbon to either material? If it was tin, I'd be prone to say a metal punch and put a grommet in and thread ribbon through, but there are no "holes" in the photos, so that's obviously not what the original crafter did. What do you think?

(Note: Picture is courtesy of more than one board, and they credit "," but she credits back to Pinterest and no one person's specific account, so I don't have the copyright nor know the exact citation.)

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  1. I honestly have very little advice here. It looks to me like there *might* be a hole in the tray, and that they used a thin rope type ribbon to thread through. My main instinct would be to go to a craft store and just ask what they would do. The folks at Hobby Lobby (near my apt) are basically clueless, but if you can find a non-big-box craft store, they're more likely to have helpful tips.