Monday, December 1, 2014

Still no baby, folks!

While Baby #2 is not quite late yet, she sure is taking her time to make an appearance. I am however, officially on maternity leave, so at least I am not sitting at my desk staring at my computer wishing I wasn't there. Part of me feels pretty silly for taking these couple of days off, but in the grand scheme of things, I think these two days will be most appreciated now, rather than starting on a Wednesday or Thursday when I come back.

Thanksgiving was nice, but pretty low key. We were hesitant to commit to anything since, yeah, but of course in the end we were cautious for nothing. On Wednesday, I had my 39 week appointment, at which I had made no actual progress. I asked for a membrane sweep, but evidently this is not allowed when you have tested positive for Group B Strep. The first time around, I didn't test positive and didn't actually think much of it, but the membrane sweep is what put me into labor the first time, so I'm starting to get discouraged that my body doesn't know how to go into labor without one.

On Saturday night, I was absolutely convinced I was legitimately in labor. I had contractions between 4-5 minutes apart, some were very painful and some were not, but they eased up after an exhausting 5 hours. I've been contracting on and off since then, which is also exhausting, but they are neither regular nor painful enough to keep me from talking through them. 

So! That's the update, non-update. 

Meanwhile, I've taken my "extra time" off to spruce up the Etsy Shop for the Holidays, so take a look at my new listings and share them with anyone you think might be interested!

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  1. Hope something happens soon for your sanity! My body has no idea how to go into labor. My first pregnancy was an induction at 10 days past my due date (my body made NO progress whatsoever on it's own) which lead to a csection.... with my other pregnancies i also made absoluely no progress prior to my csections! I'm sure it will happen soon for you, it's good to let your body do it on its own time (otherwise: csections). Hang in there!!