Monday, October 27, 2014

MILP Roundup #366

This Round Up will cover the posts from October 19 through October 26!

Alice gets awesome pictures of her two superheros at the Pumpkin Patch. And how did you get away with only spending $9 on those rides? We spent $15 and only have ONE!

But I do has a few firsts: a solo trip with her husband since becoming a Mom to three, blogging from an airplane, and a new partnership.

A pretty slow week over at Full of the Dickens... just a new incredibly adorable baby, NO BIG DEAL!

Over at Magic Cookie, she gets a workout buddy for a few days as Bill runs his first 5k!

Cowgirl in the City has been busy making a beautiful quilt, following one of my favorite themes involving Paris and Croissants.

Kate over at BJJ, Law and Living learns that car keys have an expiration. It turns out, it's 152,021 miles.

Lag Liv celebrates weddings and birthdays and flights and leaps from rock to rock.

Portia over at Fumbling for Truth has a few words to say about a $37 million condo on the market. If you're interested in making a purchase, she'll get her license for you. (This is actually the kind of thing that makes me incredibly angry as well, so rant on!)

The Reluctant Grown Up celebrates 8 years of wedded bliss with another busy week, full of delicious food, concerts, and anticipation towards a weekend away!

The Queen of Hats writes about gender inequality in a different setting - gaming. That's RPGs (which means Role Playing Games, I looked it up.)

PYY over at Perspectives from a Hard Boiled Egg closed in on her 3rd week with Junior, who is gaining weight thanks to some triple feedings. The things we do for these kids, seriously. They have no idea.

Daisy over at Daisy, Just Daisy, shares some Gracie-isms, past the one year mark.

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