Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One sick day, two tales.

Over the weekend, Mia had a fever on and off ranging from 100-102 degrees. We considered taking her to the drug-store clinic on Sunday, but decided it was best to wait until we could see her pediatrician on Monday morning. 

I called first time on Monday morning, and quickly got an appointment for 9:30am. We loaded up in my car and drove across town. Despite having moved clear across Vegas, I haven't switched Pediatricians. A 20 minute drive is worth it to me, I really like her. But, this does mean a lot of driving. So, we headed back towards our neck of the woods after a quick diagnosis for an ear infection, and an antiobiotics prescription in hand. As soon as we got back to our neighborhood, I drove through and dropped off the prescription at the pharmacy window. It would be ready in an hour. 

I decided that it was better for Mia to get her medication earlier in the day, rather than waiting until after 5 for B to pick it up on his way home from work. So, I headed to Target to pick up some kid-groceries. We did our thing, picked up a bonus pair of shoes for Mia that were on sale for $10 and desperately needed since Mia now only has 1 pair of school shoes that fit. After a quick potty stop, we headed back towards the pharmacy.

I headed back into the drive through aisle to pick up the prescription, which I had already been notified was ready. I got everything I needed, and proceeded to navigate through the busy lunchtime parking lot, where I was stopped behind a car waiting to turn right, into the aisle that led back onto the road.* At that point, a woman in a red chevy impala (a rental) was backing out of her parking spot, directly to my left. I honked, HOOOOOOONKED because I couldn't move forward, but alas, she did not stop and she ran into my car door.

She was going very slowly, so the impact was fine and nobody was hurt. I'm not sure Mia noticed anything strange had happened. The damage looks pretty minimal, but my car door is jammed. I can open it about 6 inches and force my way through it, which I did. We exchanged contact information, she gave me her insurance and admitted liability. I squeezed back into my car, snapped a couple of pictures of her license plate and driver's license, and headed back home. The car is a bit rattly as I drove it home, but hopefully there is nothing seriously wrong with it. 

I set Mia up with her medication, put her in front of a movie with a blanket and her Bunny, and got to the phone to make my claim. We've been in contact and hopefully, I'll be able to make arrangements to drop my car off and pick up a rental by tomorrow. Luckily, B is off work today, so I'm driving his car while mine ails in the driveway. So far, everything's fine and there's not a lot to be too upset about, except having to deal with dropping my car off and making several phone calls to insurance companies. Hopefully everything concludes itself drama-free.

That is how the story goes if you ask me what happened to me yesterday.

But, if you'll go back to the asterisk (*), you'll  need to insert this portion:

After I left the drive through to pick up Mia's prescription at the pharmacy, I remembered that the last time Mia got this prescription, she vomited after I gave her the first dose (a double). Since she's been sick, she hasn't been eating a lot. And I don't know about the other parents out there, but I know of one other drive thru that will guarantee my kid has a full stomach - McDonald's. So, I admit it. That's what I was really exiting when the rest of the story took place, the McDonald's drive through. [Yes, I am ashamed to say it] And no, I didn't only pick up a Happy Meal for Mia, I also got myself my favorite - a cheeseburger and fries. Hey - at least I skipped the Sundae. So, that's what I get for going to McDonald's, that's what I get for picking up a lunch that likely contained my entire daily value of fat for the day. BLARG.

Plus, my fries were cold by the time I got home to eat them. Though Mia's belly was predictably full within 20 minutes of being home, and she tolerated the 1st dose of antibiotics very well.

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