Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Now, I realize that my plight as a mother of a spunky and vivacious two year old is hardly original or ground-breaking here. If I ask Mia: What would you like to dress up as this Halloween? She'll likely reply by telling me what kind of snack she would like me to feed her. So instead, I approach her with some choices, very thought out choices based on her obvious preferences.

Olivia the Pig! My first instinct because I love her more than Mia does. But, maybe I've done too much Olivia already. We did do an Olivia-themed second birthday.

Mia, how about a mouse? Would you like to wear a mouse costume? I suggested a mouse, because she is constantly pointing out in the mouse when we read Good Night Moon. I mean, every time the mouse is on the page, it's "MOUSE! Mouse! Mama!!! MOUSE!". Then, I wonder. Will she keep the ears on all night? Or will she just be some weird kid walking around in a black spandex unitard? Mia's answer: Mouse? Mickey Club House? I want WATCH!

Onto the second thought: Minnie Mouse, then! She got a pair of ears from B's sister when they went to Disney World this summer. We'd only need to buy her the dress, that could be fun! Mia, Minnie Mouse? Do you want to dress up as Minnie Mouse? I grab her Minnie Mouse ears and she takes them off after about 5 seconds on her head. Fine, Minnie Mouse is out, too.

B's suggestion: Vanellope Von Schweetz, aka the Glitch from Wreck it Ralph! Mia's favorite movie at the moment. We have a short discussion about how she might not get it, or about how nobody else will get it. But then decided, who cares? I am sure this is the last year she will let me put whatever outfit I want on her. She's giving us her opinion on many, many things now and we are quickly progressing towards a all-pink wardrobe. (Every morning, I take out her school shoes for her to pick from. One pair is blue and one pair is purple, and she says "Noooo! Pink ones! Pink shoes!") So my feeling is that next year, she is going to squeal at the all-pink princess costume we pass in the aisles at Target, so, yeah. This year, we're doing something cool. So, Vanellope Von Schweetz it is.

Here's my pinboard for it, in case you guys are interested!

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