Tuesday, August 20, 2013

For a bit of light reading...

Since I haven't picked up a non-study guide book in over 6 months, one of the things on my post-bar list was: Read fiction. With that being the first criteria, there are several others that I had to impose on my tired, overcrowded brain. Easy, unrelated to my life, and nothing that would even remotely qualify as "literature". 

First up, the Beautiful Creatures series, also known as the Caster Chronicles, though I had no idea of what in the world that meant at the time I downloaded it onto my Kindle. It's a young adult (Easy = check!) series of 4 books which I believed to be a love story between a human and a witch (unrelated to my life = check!). You know, Twilight meets Harry Potter (not literature = check!).

Not surprisingly, I finished the first book by Monday evening and it was extremely satisfying. There really is nothing like losing yourself in one of these books! More Twilight than Harry Potter, but the heroine is significantly less annoying than Edward and Bella, which, in my opinion, the biggest downfall of the Twilight series. It has its roll-your-eyes moments, but overall, it is exactly what I needed. 

Next on the list, the Divergent series!

Oh, on a side note, I've decided to stop making the bracelets from my Etsy Shop, so I discounted the bracelets to cost, and hope to close out my inventory before moving on to something new. So take a look at anything you might have liked before, and buy it at a much lower price!


  1. I greatly enjoyed Beautiful Creatures (the first book was my favorite, which is unusual for me, but they were all fun) and I LOVED Divergent. It's especially fun because it's set in Chicago. I didn't think the second book was as good, but I'm withholding judgment until #3 comes out in October.

    1. Yes! I remember now that you did a post on Beautiful Creatures - that must be how I thought to read it. The Today Show did a few bits about the Divergent author, and I was definitely intrigued when I found out it was set in Chicago. Did you hear they are making them into movies??