Thursday, April 11, 2013

Over Qualified

Well, the first attempt at "change" has been crossed off the list. I recently applied to a mid-level human resources position at one of the big casinos in town. In the 18 months or so, this is only the 3rd job where I felt like I was being strongly considered for the position. I had exchanged a few emails with the corporate HR director, who happens to know my Dad (which never hurts). After telling me that he was going to schedule an interview and not hearing back from him for a couple of weeks of not hearing from him, I started to get a bad feeling that I picked the wrong position to apply for (there were tons of openings, and the one I picked seemed like the best match for a legal background), he informed me that I was overqualified, and that the pay would not meet my expectations. Would I like to apply for this paralegal position, instead? You'd likely still be overqualified, but at least you have the background.

What does that even mean, over-qualified? If you're looking strictly at education, sure. But experience? No. I'm hardly going to argue with him, that would not help the situation. I mean, the salary is just over half of what I'm making now, so even if I did manage to convince them that I was NOT overqualified, the pay would be prohibitive. So full speed ahead with Nevada Bar exam studying. I think I'm done with job applications for now.

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