Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Daycare crud the millionth

There's nothing like a sick weekend, is there? Mia was congested on Friday, and by Saturday morning, I was already infected. There is seriously no need for me to try keeping my distance from that kid. It doesn't help that whenever I have some food in my hand, she wants a bite. I am pretty sure the nectarine we shared on Thursday is to blame for this one.

Have you ever completely lost your sense of smell and taste when you had a cold? I don't think it has ever happened to me before. I mean, sure, I may have been congested to the point that my taste and smell has been impaired, but completely disappeared? Never. But since Saturday, I got nothing. Even if I am able to breathe through my nose, I still can't taste or smell anything. In all other ways, it's just your run of the mill cold/cough combination. Nothing alarming, but the complete loss of two senses.

It's weird. It hasn't stopped me from eating things that are bad for me though. For the past three days, I've become acutely aware of the texture of foods. It turns out that the texture of popcorn is much more enjoyable than a salad. When you can't taste the olive oil or the vinegar, eating salad just feels like you're eating wet plants.

I really hope my taste buds come back soon. Although the lack of my sense of smell has made changing diapers much easier, and I have no idea when a dog (or a husband) has farted, it's still pretty weird walking around without knowing what it smells like.

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